Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Final Exam, Question 11

This term I was teaching a Computer Data Structures class and I needed 5 more points for my final exam.  I decided to have some fun.  These are the top 10 student answers. Disclaimer: pigs are not computer data structures, even when they have hats.

#10: The Venn diagram of CS students and art students is almost two disconnected circles.

#9: This hat reminds me of bloodninja.

#8: Viking pig took the time to put on a vest and pants.

#7: Note the conspicuous absence of a hat.

#6: I would not think that getBacon would be a mutator method.

#5: This pig is in mourning, probably because of pig #6.

#4: I actually like the pig better than the lamp, but I'm not sure why the power outlet has a wizard hat.  A bowler seems more appropriate.

#3: I like the French pig.  The flower on the hat really brings it home.

#2: This pig is fancy, but smaller than a desktop computer from 1996.

#1: I don't think I can give this student 5 points because there's either a serious misunderstanding of enqueue and dequeue, or a serious misunderstanding about the way that pigs work.  I'm not sure if I hope that it's the former or the latter.

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