Thursday, December 10, 2015

Fall 2015 Web Development Projects

I've been teaching the CS1520 Programming Languages for Web Applications class at the University of Pittsburgh for 3 terms now and each term the students have formed groups to build projects on Google App Engine.  There were some great projects this term - I've got them all detailed below.

Let me know what you think in the comments section!

> A platform for college students to showcase their daily outfits.  Really great UI.

> Deck builder for Hearthstone - very complete and interactive application.

> It's a classroom task management system to manage projects and todos.

> Like YikYak, but just for Oakland.  Works really well on mobile.

> Online virtual pet.  Has a great 404 page.

> Beer delivery for the Oakland area.  Hypothetically (I think).

> Connects users to provide helpful suggestions on any topic.

> Tells you various bar specials in the area, and how to get there.

> Shows local events and lets users chat about them.

> Chat rooms with messages encrypted using JavaScript.

> Inspired by Awesome Pittsburgh, it allows contributors to vote on ideas and allows sponsors to vote on funding one of them.

> Allows users to upload ambient sound files and tag them with a location so that people who are traveling can hear the sounds of home.

> Systems security challenge competitions.

> Peer tutoring and project help.

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