Monday, August 14, 2017

GetGo Something Cheesesteak or Whatever

GetGo has a new sandwich.  It's called the Something Cheesesteak or whatever.  I don't know. Here's a picture.

I went to my local GetGo gas station and ordered a sandwich from a computer, like normal human beings do in 2017.

It's offered in 14", 7", and 3.5" varieties.  I was glad to see the 3.5" option.  Because I was afraid.  Afraid of the sandwich.  Afraid of what this experiment might force me to become.

After ordering I brought it home and unwrapped it and... it actually doesn't look *that* far off from the marketing pictures for once.  Weird.

Here's the cross-section:

It smells pretty good and doesn't look too bad.  OK, I'm ready to eat this, let's jump in.

First bite impressions: It's kind of like a too chewy meatball sub.  It's not entirely unpleasant and it's a familiar set of flavors.  The steak they put on this sandwich isn't a thinly chopped high grade meat; it's more like a round steak cut in chunks than a finely sliced steak.  It's harder than it should be to chew it.

Whoa. There's the fried ravioli.  The raw, unvarnished fried flavor of the fried ravioli was unexpected.  It really comes through at the end of the first bite.  It's a weird flavor.  Many of the fried things GetGo puts on sandwiches are just over the top but not delicious.  I'm not sure I like it.  Without it, this sandwich is just an Italian cheeseteak though, not that this would be a bad thing.

The sauce isn't bad but it could use a bit more zing.  It's sort of on the bland side when it comes to spices.  Every few bites I get something with a tiny bit of spice but it's not uniform; whatever it is, it's better and it's what the sauce needs.

The steak... it's bad.  I'm guessing this is the cut of beef they put in the dog food that contains "real beef flavor" - the more of it I have the less I want.  It would actually be better with Italian sausage instead; honestly sausage would probably be a higher grade of meat, too.

On to the second half.  Here's a slightly more close shot to show the detail:

The second half is a bit better but not by much.  The texture of the meat is really distracting.  You shouldn't have to work this hard to eat a gas station sandwich.  It's stringy and fatty and really not appetizing.

The random distribution of ingredients is more favorable to the fried ravioli on the second side.  You can't have pure unfiltered fried ravioli, there need to be accompaniments.  This side has a bit more sauce and cheese and it's better for it.

The cheese that's on it is really mild. It's hard to taste it but it provides a nice melted blanket over everything.

I did finish the sandwich and it's definitely not the worst GetGo sub I've ever had.  Aside from the weird maybe-not-human-grade-beef texture it's not bad, but with the "steak" they use I can't honestly recommend you eat one.