Monday, January 19, 2015

Final Exam, Question 11 (again)

Last spring I decided to have some fun on the final exam for my Computer Data Structures class.  I was happy with the way it turned out, so I figured I'd do it again in this past fall term's Web Development class.  These are the results.  Disclaimer: to the best of my knowledge, no actual rabbits were harmed during this exam.  However a few students took the exam outside of the normally scheduled time with a proctor and I really don't have any idea what kind of interactions they had with rabbits or any other rodents, for that matter.

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* * *

 #10: While not the most artistically drawn rabbit in the bunch, this rabbit has evolved into a bipedal species so I think he should get some credit.

#9: I don't have anything to say about this rabbit, but I hope that's a foot in the back there. 

#8: This rabbit also scores points for having hands and opposable thumbs. 

#7: This rabbit makes the list because it will haunt my nightmares FOREVER. 

 #6: I like this one but I would think that rabbits would be more partial to Perl; I suppose in Python it's easier to find bugs.

 #5: This rabbit gets in for the most accurate depiction of rabbit happiness.

 #4: I especially like this rabbit since the student who drew it was obviously paying attention to one of my tangential monologues about nothing in particular.

 #3: I'm not sure if those are leaves or if that giant carrot is on fire... or if it's maybe not even a carrot.

#2: There were a few Trix rabbits.  This was the best of 'em.  

 #1: I don't know why this rabbit is so happy, but it just looks so ecstatic that it makes me smile.  Look at that rabbit and try to get angry.  It's not possible.

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1 comment:

  1. This is the best list I've seen in hours. I approve of this list.

    I tried to frown while looking at #1 rabbit, the world started cracking at the edges. You're right it's not possible to be angry with this rabbit on the screen.