Thursday, May 7, 2015

Final Exam, Question 13

I've done this once or twice before: I don't like "bonus" questions on exams but I like to give a little freebie question to lighten the mood.  These are the results of the very artistically talented (as well as some of the less artistically talented) students in my web applications class.  Disclaimer: don't try to feed a taco to a hippo, they don't eat meat and they're more dangerous than sharks or lions or bears or bearsharks or lionbears.  Maybe try a vegetarian taco***.

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* * *

#10: I appreciate this answer because the author really followed the directions.

#9: There's irony in this much contemplation from a hippo that doesn't understand the concept of words.

#8: I'm surprised there weren't *more* maracas and sombreros.

#7: I don't have any idea what's wrong with this hippo... but I know there's a lot right.

#6: Pretty sure this student thought that Hippo and Taco were some type of web application framework and that this was a serious question.  At least that's what I'd like to believe.

#5: Hippocow has sharp teeth.

#4: Most hippos can't bear to stand up when fantasizing about tacos and hot sauce.  True story.

#3: Great entry but loses 3 points for not following the instructions.

#2: This one has great depth.

#1: I would think that hippos wouldn't use Comcast, but a quick Google search for "hippo internet" shows Comcast as the first ad and an IE download, so this might be the most accurate of all of them.

*** don't try to feed a hippo a vegetarian taco either

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