Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Final Exam, Question 16: Star Boars

This has become a routine now: I don't give extra credit but on final exams I usually include a gimme question that involves something absurd.  I've done it a few times before (pigs in hats / hippos thinking about tacos / happy rabbits).  For my web development class's final exam, question 16 was: "Illustrate what a warthog would look like if it were piloting a spaceship.  Title your drawing Star Boars."  These are the finest submissions.

I tried to time this one with the release of the new Star Wars movie but I'm not so good at getting this kind of thing done so you get it 5 months late.

Disclaimer: the dark side would have won if they had more porcine TIE Fighter pilots.

As usual, click the small images to see the bigger images.

Even after sustaining significant damage, this pig perseveres.  Star Boars are dedicated.

Not sure if this is a pig or a normal guy with a big mustache.  Also the Pig Box was way better than the Pig Box 360.

This one looks angry and can swing a lightsaber while piloting the spaceship.  I don't think I've seen any other characters do that.


See, this pig is more sophisticated than 90% of the PHP programmers out there.

I like this pig because it kind of looks like a squirrel.

That's either a rhino or Rocksteady from TMNT.  


Great point.

This one looks like he'd be the first to stick somebody with a broken bottle in a bar fight.

I'm really surprised there weren't more Lion King references.

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